Short Programs for Clubs/Groups

“Walking with Mr. Thoreau.” We can learn a lot from a two hundred year old man!  This presentation focuses on Thoreau’s unusual life path and its relevance for active folks in the twenty-first century. This presentation will interest those who love the natural world, practice meditation, or enjoy learning about unusual and influential Americans. This presentation can be modified to fit each group’s needs.

“Let The World Know You Are Alive.” This presentation is the perfect program for women’s groups. It tells the story of Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, and her sister, May, a successful artist. Both these nineteenth-century women were determined to go their own unconventional ways, fulfill their dreams, and obtain recognition as professionals. They were sisters in fact, and in spirit. They will inspire you!

“What a Christian Needs to Know: Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims” This is a three part series designed for church Sunday Schools or Wednesday night gatherings. Why does that Hindu god have so many arms? Why do Muslims travel to Mecca? Your questions will finally be answered!

“The Sublime in Life and Art.” In nineteenth century America, a new way of thinking arose, influencing the view of God, literature, and particularly Art. This philosophical idea still has a lot to teach us and still influences creative people today. It also addresses this question: Can you touch the sublime?

Lauren knows how to speak to and hold an audience. Her fees are reasonable—just go to the Contact page and ask!