“Finding your Genius.” We think that genius is something rare, but perhaps we all have a touch, that special something inside of us! This workshop centers on the lives of great and inspiring men and women, and includes some hands-on work to allow your group to tap into its own genius. It workshop can be tailored to your particular group’s members and the time available.

“What a Christian Needs to Know: Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims” This is a three part series designed for church Sunday Schools or Wednesday night gatherings. Why does that Hindu god have so many arms? Why do Muslims travel to Mecca? Your questions will finally be answered! This is offered both as a series of short programs and as a single morning or afternoon workshop with a hands-on approach.

A Constant Creation: The Genius of Emerson, Thoreau and The Alcott
Sisters, and Why They Still Matter
Description: This session will look at the lives and impact of the Genius Cluster in Concord, Massachusetts in the 19th century. The first section on Emerson and Thoreau will look at the impact of their thought on scholarship, civil disobedience, and environmentalism in the U.S. and the world. In particular, we will look at how their thought continues to change individual lives. The second half will look at both the failures and successes of the Alcott sisters to work as women of genius given the limitations of their nineteenth century environment. The pattern of choices they faced was in some ways different from women today, and in some ways, the
same. We will also consider how participants can enhance their own particular Genius. There will be lecture, discussion, and collaborative activities.
Format: This will be a three-hour session, with breaks. It will consist of lecture, but also some round table discussion and collaborative activities.